Our Founder

My name is Vickie D’Avanzo, I am the founder and owner of Stellar Support Services. Having studied and traveled extensively I was never quite fulfilled. On November 5, 1969 my life was forever changed! My sister Debbie was born with Down ’s syndrome. Debbie showed everyone more love and kindness than is imaginable. However, she like so many others with intellectual disabilities struggled to “fit in”, to have “friends” of her own and to go places without mom and dad. Enter her Hab Aid, who made her so happy and gave her such a sense of normalcy. I watched as Debbie blossomed into a young woman living her life to her fullest potential as a fully integrated member of society. Fast forward to 2000 and a degree in interpreting for the Deaf. I realized I needed a way to combine my 2 loves, the ID and the Deaf communities. It is from this desire that Stellar Support Services was born.

Our Mission

To provide the necessary guidance to empower adults that are intellectually disabled, through meaningful experiences, in a supportive environment thereby enabling them to realize their full potential.